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Porcine (Non-Halal) Lab Screening Services

Chloroslab Porcine Real Time PCR Kits method work by detection of qualitative and quantitative porcine DNA by real-time PCR. This kits reliable to provide the fast, sensitive and accurate result to make your work easier and precise. Just in one kit, you may detect the porcine DNA in various types of sample matrix.
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Meat & Meat-Based

BabySafe - Newborn Screening

Newborn Screening is a test performed on newborn babies to screen for metabolic and genetic disorders. While most babies are born healthy, some infants are born with serious but treatable medical conditions. These conditions can be present in any family, even those without a family history of them.

Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IEM) are genetic diseases that result in defective enzyme or protein being produced leading to disruptions in the baby's metabolic processes.

Babies diagnosed with such metabolic disorders cannot properly convert food into energy due to disrupted metabolic pathway, leading to accumulation of toxic substances or deficiency of critical components vital for normal development.

Newborn screening helps health professionals to identify and treat these conditions before they make a baby sick.